Its been 21 years since i have embodied my body (lame! I know) and it still takes me hours (or days) to fill in a few lines ‘ABOUT ME’ on any of my profiles. So why not just skip the part where I introduce myself. What I know for sure is if you are looking for some kinda literary revelation, this is not the place for you. But since you have stumbled upon the blog, go ahead, read and feel free to comment :).


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  1. Gaurav Agrawal says:

    Hey Atulya…
    u know m not much into these blog reading-writing thing…but just following the link on my facebook wall (from your status update)…i found this very interesting Bindu blogs…awesome yaar…especially the one where u described the whole story of why people call u Bindu…(maybe coz I was there to witness every incident u penned…)
    happy writing…[:d]

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      oye gaurav, long time since I heard from you…you are the first visitor on the blog (most probably) who has experienced the whole bindu connection first hand 🙂
      looking forward to your visits…aur saale stay in touch 😛

  2. Gaurav Agrawal says:

    yeah seriously…its been a long time…n definitely I will be in touch…afterall it will be an honor to be in contact with such an awesomelicious writer

  3. 21 years it seems! Atleast update your about section 😛

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