He tried to write something funny. What happened next will amaze you!


NOTE: Did I say amaze you? I meant mind fuck you beyond a point of no return. This post is a rant. Let me repeat. THIS POST IS A RANT. If you are here looking for something remotely chuckle-worthy, I suggest you (i) Close this window (ii) Like the link on Facebook, so it satiates my appetite for social whoring.

There are instances in your life that will warp your fragile little mind. There are times when you’ll feel like your story is very similar to Groundhog Day. Just that you wake up every day finding yourself sitting for and getting rejected in the Day 0 Placement process. Remember those GDs? It’s almost like being a part of the Hunger Games. Everyone out there is trying to kill you, or worse still, take your job.

Get my point? No? Good. That is exactly what I was going for. My initial posts were like those clichéd “It’s not you, it’s me” break up lines. Mostly understood, and extremely over used. Over a period of time, it has evolved into the realms of “Wo pehle wali feelings nahi rahi.” You know, a domain so subjective, it could be the successor to mankind’s greatest dilemma, ’“Why MBA?” Feelings are like those school-bunking-stomach-aches. You can never be sure that the other person has them. Unless, of course, till you see them slithering in pain still unsure if it’s real, or just very good acting.

But I digress, I am writing this post only so that I can take my mind off absolutely nothing. That is correct. Absolutely nothing. I’m in Indore. It’s a good place. But, I stay alone and know nobody here. I have written earlier about my social awkwardness and my inherent inability to strike mutual exchange of banalities with random people. Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’? (Of course you do. Naïve idiots!) With me, it’s more like ‘not-so-annoying-at-fifteenth-personality’. Things are difficult as it is. But then, there will always be a few who’ll be like the fire in your, “Here, you are fired!” This post is a dedicated to them.

PS: Listen to the Awesome Mix Vol. 1 from Guardians of the Galaxy. Thank me later!


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