Twitter, Because Facebook is too Mainstream

NOTE: <Customary whoring> Follow me on Twitter @kumaratulya. See a Follow button? Press it till it turns blue! <End of Customary whoring>

An empty mind is a devil’s watering hole. (Rough Translation: Khali dimaag bhai jaan, shaitaan ke bakchodi ki dukaan.)

My joining is not until July and I am stuck in the Home-Mode, or what I also refer to as EAT.SLEEP.CHILL.REPEAT dimension. Good thing I explored Twitter. It keeps me occupied and ensures the world’s experiences my mind-numbing insanity, which would eventually warp their fragile little minds and conquer earth by 2031. Here’s what I do on my account @kumaratulya.

This is not a shameless Rakhi Sawant-ish self promotion. I’m not pimping my account to you. Follow me if you find this interesting and would like to stay in touch. Bah! Who am I kidding. I am a sucker for more followers. Just follow me, will you? I promise to tweet about the political parties you support!


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