The Good Bye E-mail…


This is the last e-mail that I wrote before leaving dunnhumby. I don’t really know what made me stumble across this again, but I found it worth going on the blog. For old times sake…

Hi All,

Let me begin this mail with a (not so) fun fact. Did you know today is my last day at dunnhumby? If the answer is no, you really ought to pay more attention to the intra/inter-office gossips 🙂

My (not so) famous uncle once said, “With great powers comes great responsibilities to misuse that power”. As I sit here writing my final e-mail, my mind wanders into realms of creativity and I finally I see the truth behind his senile jibber-jabber. Fortunately though, I have only good things to say.

Two years back, I used to be a morbidly overweight, procrastinating and naïve undergraduate who thought that given a chance he could successfully postpone even death. I cannot thank Sucharith and Stephen enough for hiring me for my ‘genius’. Frankly, I wouldn’t have hired me. And over and above that, you decided to pay me, while I would have happily worked for free coffee and Michael’s occasional cup-cakes!

It has been an incredible journey for me. UK MP Analysis team, you guys are awesome. Chris, Tom, Stephanie and Niroj, I cannot emphasize how grateful I am to you guys to have patiently answered all my questions. I know most of it was an exchange of banalities from my side with a less than 0.01% comprehensible data part. To have gone through all this and control your urge to curse the new grad over the phone was commendable🙂. Nitin, Shrutika, Rahul, Abhishek and rest of the team in India, thank you for being so insanely awesome.

To my current team, Coop Norway, as it turns out, you guys are mind numbingly insane too. Seriously, what are the odds of that happening to a person? In Mayank, Shikha, Snoop Dogg (its payback time for calling me Kumar!), Dada and Shashank, we have the most hyperactive (of the good kind) team. If any of you reading the e-mail doubts this, go ask our neighbors (the HR and Corporate bay). I’m sure they would agree to it! Artem, Steph, Grant and Caroline, I have to credit you for some of the most interesting work I have done till date. I hope any team in any sport that you follow, wins this year J

Finally, the Grad Batch of 2010, it would never be the same without you all. I cannot imagine what life at dunnhumby would have been without you guys. Moscow, Panda, Aina, Paran, Aditi, Pallavi, Abbas Bhai, Shrutika, Gandhi, Shipra and all others, thank you for making these 23 months so memorable.

Here on, I would be pursuing higher studies for the next two years. In the business of marketing, I would only be in the process of making people unhappy with what they have. I just thought it would be a good idea to have an MBA degree before I sell my soul and move over to the dark side🙂

It has been really great knowing you all and I would love to keep in touch!

Best wishes,


P.S- Grad Batch of 2011, you are not doing too bad for yourself either:) Keep spreading the awesome-ness!

P.P.S- Neha, I almost forgot to mention this, but the e-mail would have been incomplete without you. You are the best trainer I have come across. The Induction programme you set for us at the Radisson is easily the highlight of my dunnhumby journey. Thanks for being so awesome!

P.P.S- Thanks once again!

Kumar Atulya


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  1. Akriti says:

    Read 2 posts by you till now. LOVED THEM.

    Pretty cool blog 🙂

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      Thanks Akriti! I see you are a writer too. Loved ‘THE’ Band!
      Keep blogging 🙂

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