Segmenting a Bar Crowd :D

Think outside the box they said…

Open up your horizons they said…

So I did just that and this is what I came up with 😉

The handwriting is a bit fuzzy as i am not used to writing on white boards. But, for the benefit of the 5 odd readers of my blog, here are the segment names and primary characteristics/reasons for drinking:

5. Chakna Chor/ Count Snackula:

  • Never drinks, but finishes entire bottles of cold-drinks

4. The Unusual Suspects:

  • Friend’s Break-up
  • Placement Party
  • Bandi Banayi

3. The Dark Knight Rises:

  • Aaj toh peeni banti hai!

2. Ze Zentleman:

  • Saale Old Monk thodi peeyenge. JD laao!

1. Bhai Tu Bhai hai, Bhai:

  • Varun Pant 😀

Needless to say, this was done in under an hour. Feel free to add to the list [read: comment da :P]


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