Key Nuggets

I had an awesome last-b’day-in-delhi-before-I-leave-this-place-for-good celebration a few days back. It was also the day that I set an all time best personal record for talking to someone on phone (socially awkward being that I am, this was no less of an achievement for the one on the other side. Three bloody hours! Kudos to you :D) Not to mention, I came across the most mind numbingly insane (of the good kind) b’day thread on the SPJ group on Facebook. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of those equally demented souls when I get to Bombay.

Anyhow, back to the post. This is a about a friend who I had once promised to dedicate a blog post to. Initially, this was only devised as a very Mogambo-ish plot to get out of filling his/her farewell card (I have made such promises to a couple of others too*evil grin*). But, I have now realized that if I do not jot down all the key nuggets he/she (referred to as X from now on) has provide me over this year and a half, the world would just lose out on philosophical thoughts so deep, it would make Homer hyperventilate and send Aristotle into a state of perennial panic attack (in their graves obviously :D)

A fact still unknown to X, my conversations with him/her have always helped me in some way or the other. Some times in settling my mental gymnastics, other times in just making me appear super intelligent during pseudo intellectual conversations πŸ˜› This post is more of an attempt to capture all the key nuggets from my discussions with X, before I actually forget them and repeat the same stuff. You (if there is still a you!) are at complete liberty to use these words of wisdom as an when you need them. Just make sure you share a link to my blog whenever you do this πŸ˜€

OK now, enough with the blog whoring, here is my list of X’s top gyaans:

DISCLAIMER: X might have never meant all these. They might just be a result of my twisted and fragile little mind warping thoughts and de-constructing them in a way I wanted to perceive things!

  • Pushpaa, life is a sinusoidal curve, re!: There are people and there are situations that can mind-fuck you beyond repair. There are times when you would feel that the term FUBAR is actually your middle name. On the other side, there can be times when you actually, in the purest sense of the word, are just happy. It is in times like these when you make the most rash decisions. Whatever be the case, the magnitude of your emotions always liesΒ  between -1 and 1. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that can be so extreme that it changes you as a person. It might sound like truck loads of bull crap to you, especially when you are going through one of these phases, but trust me, its true. Any experience, howsoever bad or good, always lies in this range, which essentially means you always have a way to handle it <matlab baat ki gehrai toh dekho!>
  • Never say Never: Sounds cliched? Well, it did to me too. In fact, I am yet to totally agree with it. I have lost faith in the sanctity of friendships. I was never the kind to have BFFs or even best friends but times have changed. I have started classifying everybody into two mutually exclusive sets of ‘People I do not mind’ and ‘People I do not like’ . I hope X is right and my attitude changes.
  • Everybody has a past: Too obvious, isn’t it? I mean, of course everybody has a bloody past (I mean, not literally a bloody past, but you get it :P). Let me re-phrase. If you do not have a past, you are un-interesting. I went on to add another dimension to it (obviously with X’s permission), ‘If you do not have a past, I cannot see a future with you’. I seriously do not know how true this is, but dammit it sounds deep and philosophical πŸ˜€
  • Hum do aur bas hum do, jab tak koi teesra na ho: Without going too much into the details, does any of you remember my ‘Perfect Suit-Perfect Girl’ analogy? I had prophesized, that “just like a perfect girl, a perfect suit is difficult to find. But unlike the concept of a perfect girl, a perfect suit does exist.” Lets just say, if you get a chance to choose between the two, go for that suit πŸ˜€

Thank you X for all the random gyaan download. I know I haven’t obtained copyrights to all this and I know if you had the slightest idea that I was taking notes, you would have killed me :P. I know you can’t sue me because frankly (and even you know this) the source for all this is the senile chai-pakode wale bhaiya who sits outside your college πŸ˜€

I just hope he retires soon and I get a chance to implement my start-up idea πŸ˜€


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