The Wrath Radar

NOTE: The following post is an outcome of all the events that took place betwwen 1.25 am, Feb 7 and 2.13 am, Feb 12. The events described do not occur in real time (yes I am watching 24 these days πŸ™‚ ).

On Feb 7 at around 10 pm, I had a genius moment. That was the day I came up with the “Blogzilla Catches the facebook Flu” post. What I considered to be one of my best pieces of work had some serious implications. I came to realize what happens when your sense of humour backfires and comes right back to bite you in the ass. Fear is a powerful motivator. I had to come up with this post to let you know of what happens when you fall under the Wrath radar of well, almost everybody.

I had no idea that a simple, seemingly stupid post could lead to such drastic turn of events. After reading the post, the DCE Bloggers Association has decided to ban me as a member. Their reason for my debarment was the fact that my sense of humour made no sense. Fellow bloggers have un-blogrolled me and my blog is doomed to a life of anonymity. I was threatened of stern actions being taken on the post by the organisation Mausi’s Against Molestation. Apparently, the post shows them in a bad light. I received death threats too. The threats weren’t for me. The people featured called me contemplating suicides because of the mental fractures caused due to the sheer non sensical nature of the post.Β They said that if the post wasn’t removed, they would kill themselves and die, forever :D. People who did not give a shit asked me to be nicer to them. The final blow came when I got the news that Arjun’s left hand broke up with him :(. I never intended to ruin a perfectly healthy relationship.

I agree the post would have turned even the dead facebookers in their graves. I also know that the descendents of the featured people would send back a terminator in the past to stop me from creating the post, and then kill me. You know what, I learned something today, humour doesn’t pay sucker! Whenever things dont go as planned, it is always better to change the subject. This post is intended to do exactly that. No more pointing fingers. And if I ever do (which I will), I will make sure to fake an amnesia attack :P.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abhishek Kumar says:

    hmmm. πŸ˜›

    Humor should always be taken in good spirits. IMO Learning to laugh at oneself is the a humbling experience and makes one aware of an external perspective.

    Although i must concede that the thin line between humor and ridicule should always be respected, preferably avoided- especially when one doesnt know about the “humor-acceptance quotient” of the intended recipient.

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      could not agree more…as I said earlier, i was warned against publishing the post but still went ahead with it….personally i believe that i took too many things for granted…
      anyways, from now only nicknames like ‘happy girl_123’ or ‘techie boy_007’ shall be used πŸ˜€
      as far as using monickers for you or arjun is concerned, m not goin to do it…screw you guys πŸ˜€

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