Blogzilla Catches The Facebook Flu :)


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  1. Abhishek Kumar says:

    Hillarriooouusss… Holy F***! yaar! this is too good! too good! 🙂

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      took me a lot of time to edit the whole thing…was worth the effort (hopefully) 🙂

    2. perenniallyconfused says:

      NOTE: All the remarks are completely intentional and in no way co-incidental. People not featured in the post should in no way believe that I like them. Its just that you aren’t that active on facebook 😀

  2. Arjun Agarwala says:

    I am so gonna kick your ass when I am back in the hostel. Nice one though

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      c’mon are the one always whining about your not so happening love life…I just got you some action 😛 😀

  3. swayam says:

    Itna flowery nai likhti yaar..:( Hadh hai..:( But koi na… Not taking offence… 😀

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      to tell you the truth you are one of the best writers that I know(2nd on my list of gifted writers actually 🙂 )…your work is awesome…I was warned against putting this post but I still went ahead with it…the joke is actually on me….I hope everybody takes it in the right spirit….the words I have written make no sense (ganciclovir is actually an antiviral drug :P)…just thought it would make the post a little humourous
      peace! 😀

  4. kanika vats says:

    Awesome tooooo good!!!!
    😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      thanks for the 😀 ‘s…much appreciated 🙂

  5. abhinav says:

    dint know arjun had those jiji instincts in him….
    way to go man……

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      oh you have no idea….why else do you think his walls are sparking white 😛 😀

  6. Iago says:

    holy f&%@ that is what i get for being the 1001th visitor..

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      dude changing the pics was a big problem…affected the formatting of the whole page…so just picked up the most active ppl on fb…you happened to be one of them (yesterday)…you know with the comments and all 😀
      PS: I loved the poem thingy…I suppose out of the two of you, I write the best poems 😀

  7. Iago says:

    all in for funny, seriously.
    couldnt bear the last one.. honestly. I understand that its all in good humor, but I think we can do without taking shots at our mausis..

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      arre that was just the indianised version of ‘yo mama’ jokes…it has been on for ages…when I wrote it down, I wasn’t actually pointing fingers at anyone…its just the way the joke begins…’yo mausi’ is also a show on one of the TV channels….wasn’t taking shots at anyone…criusly…check these out:

  8. Iago says:

    i know..its all cool..

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      thank god dude…I felt so guilty, i was about to delete that particular part…didn’t mean anything wrong…
      PS- do go thru the yo mama jokes on the websites I gave you the links to…fuckin hilarious 🙂

  9. kartik says:

    FAAD yaar clap clap clap

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      (khushi k aansu ponchte hue)I never knew that I would get so much love and admiration…would like to thank my family, facebook, wordpress and all the models who unknowingly became a part of this crap….the post had its consequences…fellow bloggers have voted to block access to my site, arjun’s left hand broke up with him, nigam virtually killed me :P…but the truth has to come out :D…keep reading 🙂

  10. rashmi says:

    🙂 🙂 quit dunhumby :-p .. become a writer.. u can (must) totally start a cult/genre of ur own dude..

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      that is an interesting idea…would definitely give a thought to it if the need arises after the probationary period of the company is over…if I continue doing this to my fellow mates, I might just be forced to quit 😀

  11. Prateek Jain says:

    First of all… I am very happy that I am not that active on facebook :-D:-D:-D:-D…. But this post is another milestone in your long journey of writing awesome blogs…..

    I loved every part of this blog.. but I would like to mark every Facebook Post of this blog out of 10 starting from the first one….

    Kiki’s post-6
    Kanika’s reply-6

    Barua’s post-7
    Abhishek’s reply-8
    Bhalu’s reply- 9

    Srishti’s post-5

    Arjun’s post-10 B-)
    Arjun’s right hand’s reply-11*B-)
    Arjun’s left hand’s reply- 11* B-)
    THIS is the best post- PRATEEK NIGAM’s reply-20* B-)B-)

    Swayamsiddha Das’s Post-8 (I dont even have courage to check out these words on wordweb)
    Atulya’s reply-6
    Nigam’s reply-7

    Atulya’s post-5
    Abhishek’s reply-7
    Aman’s reply-7

    Siddhant’s post-7
    Nigam’s reply-8
    siddhant’s reply-9

    *These marks ARE out of 10.

    I think you should specify the rating of your blog in the heading as if it is suitable for all readers or not…. 😉 😉 🙂 🙂

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      I appreciate the effort you put in to rate every single comment (m not used to 5’s and 6’s…not that I want you to re evaluate it…but be careful the next time :P)
      you were an integral part of the initial idea but had to edit your part (mafia wars look a lot of screen space)…by which I mean that you are still under my wrath radar 😀
      will consider specifying the suitability of the post next time…I just assumed my audience falls in the ‘matured and R rated categories’ 😀

  12. maneet says:

    thanks to my MTNL net… never let me be d regular user of facebook….hehe…mtnl rocks….

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      now that you are an amrikkan..go get yourself a relatively better net connection 😛
      maybe then you’ll get featured in the future posts 🙂

  13. Sri says:

    i liked it 🙂
    but i DO NOT rsvp to every event :@

  14. Srishti says:

    i like it!! 🙂
    but i DO NOT rsvp to every event :@ *grrrrr* 😛

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