Patna to Delhi

This is one of the rarest of times. I am travelling alone. Usually, I have company that protects me from the boredom that the Great Indian Railways bestows upon you. You can imagine the extent of my boredom by the fact that I am attempting a blog entry using my phone. I don’t even know if this post would be published (connectivity problems!)

Anyways, I am Delhi bound on 2353 Garib Rath. Sometimes I wonder why people make funny/disgusted faces at the mention of this particular train. Dont they see the “rath” part :D. The train aint all that bad. On this particular route, it is one of the very few trains that have plug points. Also, it is the second fastest train, next only to rajdhani. Now that I proved that the reason behind my choosing this train isn’t my super duper thriftiness, let me proceed :P.

The entire gamut of human personality/behavior that one is exposed to in any such journey always amazes me. I met some strange (/weird) people today. First of all, I had an aunty put out all the lights and pull down her middle berth to sleep at around 8pm. To top that, our beloved Indian railways still haven’t discontinued the three-tiered side berths despite a court order. Who cares about passenger discomfort as long as they can squeeze in more money.

I had an uncle come up to me with a strange offer. He wanted me to exchange my seat with his so that he could sleep close to his 20 something son. I declined. I mean, would you let your son grow up. They almost had adjacent seats. (any other day I might have agreed, but not today.) There is this guy who just started spitting randomly on the floor without any care of the world. I said nothing. I still dont know why.

Forced to lie down in the most uncomfortable of situations, I began listening to what a guy next to our cubicle was saying (now don’t you give me that haww-u-were-eavesdropping look. I had nothing better to do :P). The guy was practically beaming with pride talking about something while the people close to him sat enchanted under his spell. As it turns out, he was an IT engineer from some xyz university. He was posted in Qatar, which to most around him was a place in Dubai. He enthusiastically told stories of a magical land where they code using the dot net framework on linux (wtf!!!) and have food at kfc.People around went omg kfc!! (never heard of it. Have we? :P) I am sure he would be signing auto graphs for them in some time. I couldn’t handle his bullshit anymore. So I stopped listening and started writing. I just hope I do better as an IT engineer especially if the frame of reference is him.


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