A Topper Strikes Back

There’s something about human psychology. We always find it easier to blame others for our failures or shortcomings. The fact gains a forward momentum usually when the semester results are out. I have always been a bright (not to be read as exceptionally brilliant) student. I scored 96% in my 10th standard and am currently amongst the top-5 in my department (wont be after the 7th sem results, but still). But even after all these years, there is a common intersection of people with a certain  behavorial trait who bug me.

Why do people have to associate high scores with the degree of ghissuing. Afterall, there is no law that dictates that the number of marks you score is directly proportional to the amount of time you spend cramming up. My first sem results were a shock. Even for me. I scored in the 80’s (a phenomenon common now but unheard of then \m/). I had people congratulating me on my score, asking for treats. Behind my back I could hear them bitch and state majestically that it was only because I studied too much. What surprised me the most was the fact that I barely knew most of them. And here they were acting like they had a complete insight of my studying pattern.

So here’s the truth. Do I put in hours of my time studying? No sir, to your utter dissapointment, I do not. Infact Toushar still tells me how he thought I was goin to flunk my physics paper when I asked him for the syllabus at 2am (the night before the exam). I do however pull all nighters before the exams. My philosophy is simple. We can spend as much time vella throughout the sem as we want to. But we have to admit that grades are important. So I have one night stands with my books before every paper. Now if someone calls this ghissuing then sir you ought to get your mind straight. If you spend an entire semester doing nothing (read backchodi 😛 ) and still so not study the night before the  exam, then in my eyes you are one of the the biggest jackasses that roam the earth.

For all the losers who ever thought of me as a ghissu, have you ever considered the possibilty that I score more than you not because I study more, but because I am way more smarter than you are. Isn’t it a possibility that while you are stupid, I am pure awesome. Why do all of you have to blame the toppers for raising the bar when its you who are to blame for not trying at all. And if after all I said, if you still think of people like us as ghissus, then I am happy to be one. It is better to be like I, than your bunch of pathetic losers.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. AMIT says:

    I am offended ;-)……….. You have done wonderfully well for urself……would have been better if u had not refused our poker invitations 2:00 am in the night before the examination….

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      itihaas gawah hai….our half hour poker breaks turn into all night poker marathons….cant afford that the night before an exam 🙂

  2. Iago says:

    i happen to commiserate 😛

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      you ought to 😀 😛

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