The Constant Whiner

Ever had that feeling of paranoia. One, when your mind is overflowing with random thoughts and confusion reigns supreme. Well more than occasionally this paranoia is my reality. Calling me paranoid might be a hyperbole but I do have constant pangs when irrationality reigns supreme. Under these scenarios, while most of us try shelter ourselves under the aegis of a logical explanation or a rational thought process, I whine.

Quite interestingly, I was pretty much unaware of my fixation with this particular characteristic as a reaction to any and every of my problems, until fingers were pointed. Even my blog is filled with instances of me grumbling at any and every opportunity.  I constantly draw attention to me being treated as a wri-turd instead of a writer due to my inability to produce flowery posts. I have even earned the moniker of being ‘the Rondu’ at the poker table because of my constant reminders of incurring a loss. I am at my grizzliest worst the night before any exam. I have this non reflexive ability to twist and turn my problems into the problems of others. More so, I even make them realize that the problem wouldnt even have existed if it werent for them and how they are the root cause of it. The worst part is, I hate reassurances. Reassurances make me uncomfortable. Hence, I get grumpier.

Fortunately for me, my circle of friends understands me for who I am. They act as the valium for my sudden outburts of red bull. Frankly, I do not mind yawping. This is my mode of expressing myself. Its better this way. Afterall, isnt this what we need to make a day extra special- Whining and Dining with friends 😛


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  1. swayam says:

    I am a ranter more than a whiner… I rant and rant like there’s no tomorrow…
    “treated as a wri-turd instead of a writer due to my inability to produce flowery posts”
    loved it 😀

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      we all have ways to vent out our frustrations…as long as it gets the job done, i dont mind either 🙂
      came up with the ‘wri-turd’ thingy while commenting at someone’s post in facebook…i guess social networking does have its advantages 😀

  2. swati khurana says:

    never knew you blogged..liked it..u dont necessarily need flowery language to make it good;)
    neway do u whine so much??u cud give me competition!!

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      thanku thanku 🙂
      i whine like there’s no tomorrow…fortunately for the general janta, the whole quota expires on a certain someone before every exam 😛

  3. Iago says:

    Well.. I can relate to you.. in a lot of ways. as in … i too have this paranoia.. of using the most outrageous words in some of my posts… (thats the time of the year when I am reading norman lewis for the nth time..). But you certainly are free from any “such” idiosyncracies :P.

    I do try to sound wise occasionally … end up losing my readership 😛
    looks like you gotta write ..what your readers have an appetite for..
    if it doesnt appeal to you .. my friend.. you can always put them blame on your readers/followers 😛 like I do .
    so.. keep whining.
    PS: its comforting to know that there are many like me

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      you dont blog to fulfill the appetite of your readers…but it does (at least in my case) act as a constant motivator to keep up whatever we are doing…as far as the whining is concerned, i think we finally found the missing ingredient that binds IT in general 😛

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