The Bindu Connection…

For three consecutive nights I just sat down thinking about fertile subjects to put up in this post. Something, anything. As always, I couldn’t come up with anything. Sometimes I even wonder if it’s worth blogging in the first place when all you do I write down random stuff. All the friends whose blogs I frequent are excellent writers. I have these constant pangs of morbid curiosity whence I wonder if blogosphere is all about display of literary excellence, whether I should continue writing. But then this is who I am and this is how I write. So I decided to follow what Bhalu always says when we bust his ass for just about eveything,”Screw you guys, this who I am.” 😀

So here I am introducing more randomness to my blog. Afterall, isn’t this what nature taught us, increase the entropy of the universe (or wait, was that same stupid scientist). Anyways, as I have been saying since my first post, today I will share the secret behind my bindu connection. I wonder if people have ever noticed how the moniker is always associated with me. I mean it is the suffix of my email ids, many of my net aliases. The name always follows me around. Now over the years people have had some really weird theories surrounding the logic behind it. The notions range from the simplest one ie the literal translation (bindu means dot) to bindu being my fictional girlfriend who dumped me for some knight in shining armour and who I could never get over (yeah right, like someone could ever leave me :P). The mind is a complex thing. You feed it variables and it will develop so many interesting algorithms (yes  Einstein, I am an I.T engg) just based on that. Same things have happened with bindu. At this point of time I what’s really going through my mind if I should reconsider my decision to share the bindu bond. I mean, what is a secret worth once it is revealed.

But then again, there are no secrets, only hidden truths. The story behind the name isnt half as interesting as I might try to make it sound. But still the story had an impact. So read along if you are interested. While at school when I was in the 11th class, remixed version of the song Bindu re Bindu was a rage. For the uninitiated, it is a Kishore Kumar no. from the movie Padosan (wahi Ek Chatur Naar wali). Amazing song. I dont know why, but for some reason, the lyrics of the songs that I like are kinda downloaded in my brain. I form a mental inscription of all of it without any conscious effort on my part. The lyrics of the song are particularly tricky but it happened the same with it. One day during class (11th), I dont exactly remember why, but all of us where singing and stuff. You see our class teacher, Mr. Chandrabhushan (of ‘Maine poocha chand se’ fame) happened to be a huge fan of singing as an art. I sang the song and he was impressed. Somehow he got an idea that I could sing the song at the school assembly!!

Now who the hell sings Bindu re Bindu at the school assembly. I mean if Chona (our then princi) got pisssed, my ass would be on the line. We were scheduled to conduct the assembly in front of class 8 students and on the insistence of our class teacher I sang the freaking song, IN THE ASSEMBLY. I dont know about the teacher’s reactions but my friends said that it went pretty well. Time went by. We came in the 12th standard. This time we were supposed to conduct an assembly in front of the entire bunch of 12th graders. To my horror, someone mentioned my brief singing stint to our then class teacher. In the growing scarcity of singing talent (damn right I am a good singer :P) and the desperation of less preparation time, she asked me to sing, again. I was ok with the idea till she mentioned those dreaded words, “Beta why dont you sing Bindu re Bindu again”. I know some of my ‘so called’ friends fed the idea into her head. To top it all they supported the idea of me singing the song in the assembly again. God damn you kanodia. Now, I could sing in front of my class, I could even consider singing for the 13 year olds, but in front of the entire 12th grade. My spine shivered at the thought of being mocked at for singing the song by my peers. Infact the icing on the cake, the cherry on the top, was the fact that the assembly we were supposed to conduct was given the title LAKSHAYA (THE AIM). Now imagine me singing “Meri pyari Bindu, Mujhe apna banale,” in an assembly when the girls compering just gave a long lecture on following your aim, your ideals, studying. And here I was, spreading the words of lusty wisdom. The idea was ironical, infact it was insane. But I did it. I sang. I sang to the applause of my friends present there. Suddenly, I didnt give a rats ass about what Chona thought, what my teachers thought. I sang and people loved it. I garnered a thunderous response (of the good kind!) on my way back stage. At the end of it, when Chona was reading out her thank you and appreciation note she dropped the B-BOMB. While commending everybody who performed, she said the following about me, “And we had an excellent song sung by, ummmm errrr, yes Bindu.” These ten something words from Chona had an exponential impact on the people present. Suddenly everybody started calling me Bindu. My teachers, people who didnt know me and my asshole friends (who got a kick from annoying me :)). I had random people congratulate me on the song, referring to me as the bindu guy. A teacher even recorded the song in my voice for god knows what. I had teachers annoyed with me for showing people the wrong path and I had friends who appreciated me on introducing them to the road to happiness.

Hence the name stuck with me. I am usually too confused or lazy to put in interesting things about me and hence used the uncommon name at the slightest opportunity that presented itself. So the story ends. Till date, I do not remember how many times I have sung and heard that song, but i still love it. Also I have this tendency to keep on writing so I better stop now. I hope the story was worth the hype.

Bindu re Bindu. Adios 🙂


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Even I have heard a recorded version of the song sung by you and trust me when I say that if I, in any life of mine in the past or future, ever reincarnate as someone called Bindu I would be head over heels for you!

    As for your blog, it is time that you quit being so critical about it and picking on it! Give it a break and let the thoughts flow! 🙂


    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      @AI- this is my current reaction- *blush*
      to be very honest, this was a comment I was hoping for. Infact you just gave me an idea for my next post. Tussi great ho 🙂

    2. Please don’t tell me the inspiration that you gain from my comment would produce an article on ‘How to sweep girls’ off their feet’ or something! 😛

    3. perenniallyconfused says:

      @AI-i wonder how sometimes the vaguest lines i quote end up being true. i just fed you a random thought and you came up with two more ideas :P…tussi toh supergreat ho!! 😀
      about the idea for my next post, i dont think i will resort to writing about such cheezy topics so soon…may be in the future when my blog stats fall and i need an audience…never say never 🙂

  2. Iago says:

    its your blog is pulling crowd over such ‘bindu’ less content 😛 :P.
    Would love to hear your rendition.. 😀

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      @iago- I catch your drift. Let me put my version this way:
      Q.Why do people read ‘bindu’less blogs?
      Ans. Due to the excessive free time and truck loads of awesome ghar ka khana, people develop bowel problems. It is known that READERS DIGEST. Hence the traffic 😀

    2. Iago says:

      Yup… on :D. Readers do digest, and as one.. I have read so many magazines while I am at *it* … and guess what 😛 this reply comed from a handheld device connected to a wireless network at my place 😛 😛 😛 .

    3. perenniallyconfused says:

      @iago-isn’t this what we all want…the ability to have a human, networking where ever he wants to 😛

  3. swayam says:

    i love the song myself… 🙂 I had a massive screwup in front of my entire school assembly where i kept pronouncing the word prashn (question in english ;P) wrong as if my tongue was trying to remove something in between my teeth, while compeering a hindi debate… low behold got a royal dressing down from my teacher who made my 8th standard hell… Just good to read you sang really well… 🙂
    ps: will be dropping in more often

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      dhanyabhaag hamare, swayam Swayam yaha padhare 😛
      i hope I sang well…this was my version of the event…thank you for being patient enough to go through the seemingly endless post 🙂

  4. aastha says:

    finallllyyyy…. i get the bindu connection.. dude.. thats a real life experience

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      it sure is 🙂

  5. Ankita says:

    its just as much fun reading it now…as it was reading it the first time 😀

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      {khushi ke aansu ponchte hue}Thanks!! I might just start writing again 😛

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