I have always maintained the notion that blogs are supposed to be anonymous. Isn’t this the reason people began blogging in the first place (I might be wrong. Now a days I usually am). Anyways, you (if there is a you) need not be an Einstein to figure out the reason for this blog. I am bored out of my minds. Infact, this very boredom was the reason behind starting this blog in the very first place. So continuing the tradition, here I am writing down random shit, half of which wouldnt even make sense to me when I am done. Sometimes I wonder if this is the core reason behind my infrequent blog updates.

Going by the presumption that people blog to share their experiences and opinion, both of which i have had a plenty of in the last few months, leaves me with no reason for the non existent posts on my profile. Procrastination does seem to be a culprit. Newton said each action has an equal and opposite raction. I suppose in my case the external agent causing me to write down truck loads of crap is my impending boredom. What’s ironic is the fact that this so called boredom is a sum total of what I love doing the most, DOING NOTHING AT ALL. I just hope there is an upper bound  to my lazinesss.

About the BINDU thingy. Lets build up the suspense a little more. After all, I do need a reason to come back and write again.


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  1. Arjun Agarwala says:

    Survive dude, survive this time of despair and isolation… be back in no time and then we’ll get sit down for HALO. And nice blog (although you need more posts just like me)… 🙂

    1. perenniallyconfused says:

      considering the constant pangs of boredom, m sure the blog wouldn’t be as dormant as before…missing the HALO sessions… Hostel aa and saath main CAKE laa jaldi 😛

  2. Hello Perinnially Confused

    I see you like to quote scientists who have done nothing more than thickened our syllabus with loads of equations that serve only two purposes – to make them appear intelligent and us dumb. 😛

    All the best in your boredom. I hope your boredome churns the kind of crap bloggers feed on (yuck!).

    As far as your confusion is concerned, I being perinnially anachronous in time can’t help you.


    1. Atulya says:

      @AI- I am merely preparing myself for the day when one of my friends (who aims to get a Phd) shares the miseries of you and me. Quoating her(/him) might generate sufficient traffic here. Just looking at the bigger picture. 😀

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